Meet Us Both

Walunas (Waaa-lune-us). 
You can do it, say it with me. Don't worry, everyone has a hard time.

Ben and Amber met in February of 2009. They married October of 2010.  Brace yourself for this cheesiness... that was the best decision they ever made. I know you want to barf, but it's true.  

This is Amber.  I am usually the one writing on this blog.  I originated from Utah and 25 years later, after I graduated from the University of Utah, found myself in Portland, Oregon.  I love the Northwest, but miss the mountainous desert and find myself back and forth a lot.  Which works out well since I work from home and have friends and family in Utah that I can't live without.

My passions... family, writing, running.  I love to write.  If somebody said you could do one thing - that's it - I would write.  It's the only way I have ever been able to really express myself.  I started running to burn calories and fell in love.  Running is where I gather my thoughts, my blog is where I put them.  I used to have another blog, you can read it -

About Amber, by Ben: Let's be honest, Amber's legs where the first thing that caught my attention. After that, I thought, "How rad would it be to go out with a girl that looks like David Beckham's wife." Yes folks, my wife is hotter than Posh Spice. Soon after I was able to get to know her a little more for who she really is. Smart, beautiful, feisty, and not bothered by my silence. For those of you who know me, I am totally comfortable in awkward moments and apparently, Amber is too. She is the girl that allows me to be me. What more could a guy ask for. I love her for her passion, dedication and ability to work hard. She motivates me to be a better person and together we will dominate the world, even if we go to bed at 8pm. I love you Amber.

This is Ben.  Isn't he a hottie?  I think so too. Ben was raised in Wilsonville, Oregon with acres of land at his fingertips.  Ben loves to be outdoors and his passion is soccer.  Ben graduated from college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Ben played on BYU's soccer team for 5 years and traveled all over the world playing semi-pro soccer.  Ben says he hates to run, but secretly he loves it! 

About Ben, by Amber: The first thing I noticed about Ben were his stunning good looks and awesome shoulders. The first thing I was impressed by was his strong work ethic, love for his family and dedication to the gospel. Ben would do anything for anyone and he does't want, or expect, credit for it. Ben is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and makes it happen. I am continually impressed with his drive for life and to be a better person. He makes me laugh, his goofy jokes and quick wit keep me looking on the lighter side of life, which I very much need. He is patient and kind, never quick to anger. When I met Ben I said, "There is something about this guy." Now, I can't picture my life without this guy. Love you Benjamin.

Ben and Amber describe themselves as opposites complimenting each other.  One is short, the other is tall.  One is great at sports, the other is terrified of being hit with flying objects.  One is easy going, the other makes lists.  One makes jokes, the other laughs.  One loves to shop, the other loves to save.  One raised cows, the other raised an impressive herd of shoes. One loves the written word, the other understands numbers. They teach each other, help each other and love each other.  They both value hard work and dedication.  They both love the Lord and the goodness of the gospel.  They understand where they personally fall short and know this life together has the possibility to be better than they ever imagined.

Now you know too much.
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