Our Story

Ben suddenly noticed Amber from across the room in Sunday school. He inquired as to who this attractive girl was and immediately asked her out. 
(That's how Amber tells it anyway...)

The real story is, Amber noticed Ben at church. She couldn't think of anything to say and didn't have the guts to introduce herself. Instead, she strategically found herself in the same Sunday School class. After a couple weeks of seeing the girl (Amber) in Sunday School Ben inquired as to who this girl was. The day Amber had decided she would man-up and talk to Ben, she chickened out. Leaving church, she was bummed one more week would go by to see this mystery man try to say hello. When she got to her car she checked her cell phone - LOW AND BEHOLD a miracle happened and there was a message from said mystery man asking her on a date! She called back (not immediately - as to not act as excited as she actually was) and agreed to the date. They went to a hockey game on Feb 21, 2009.

The proposal came about a year and a half later when Amber was in Utah running a Ragnar Relay race for the weekend. She had NO idea Ben was planning to come... This is how she tells it...

The time came for our last runner to come in. The team went to the bottom of the last hill to run the last 10 meters with her so we could all cross the finish line together. We ran, hobbled and made our way to the finish line, flip flops and all. Our team name was announced as we crossed the line and I looked up to see Ben standing there. The flow of runners is set just right to herd everyone off to the side to get their medal and out of the runner's pit. "What are you doing?" I asked. He asked me to come over to him. "But I have to get my medal?", I said. He replied, "Just come here, Amber." He grabbed my hand the MC announcing teams handed him the microphone. As his free hand slid into his pocket and he got down on one knee my hand immediately went to my forehead and with a huge smile on my face I thought, "it's happening". It went just as a perfect proposal would go. He told me he loved me, he asked me to marry him. I told him yes, of course. My friends were crying, my parents were snapping pictures like crazy and the crowd was cheering. I didn't hear or see any of it. I just saw Ben, I could only think about one thing, for a few seconds we were the only ones there. 

The wedding was as amazing as you can imagine, or you could read about it here.  We've been very blessed!

Now we are just trying to live happily ever after. Working, running, laughing and loving.

Enjoy our blog!